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The Fourth Hour

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"The Fourth Hour" (La quarta ora) is the lead single extracted in anticipation of the upcoming album "Project Perosi."

This project was born out of an encounter with the classical composer Lorenzo Perosi's music. Taking inspiration from his melodies, the composer Roberto Diana has reimagined and molded them, adapting them to instruments and musicians from different parts of the world.

The work on the album began after the highly successful preview concert of "Project Perosi" at the "Festival Perosi 60" held in Tortona (Lorenzo Perosi's hometown) in October 2017.

The Story:

"The Fourth Hour," La quarta ora, takes inspiration from the composition "Il risveglio" (The Awakening) from the poem "Le Cinque Ore di Londra" (The Five Hours of London), in which the composer narrated five hours of the morning near Westminster Abbey.

The distinctive sound of the Abbey's bells is evoked in the piece through the Weissenborn, the unique instrument played by Roberto Diana.

Through meticulous research, it was discovered that the awakening hour corresponded to 4:00 am. It is thanks to this discovery that the single was named "The Fourth Hour" or "La Quarta Ora."

"Given the nature of the Perosi Project," explains Diana, "and considering the fusion of musical styles, when I chose the artists who would participate in the album, Tri Nguyen was one of the first names that came to mind. We met because we were both in consideration for a Grammy Awards nominee.

Despite coming from different traditions and cultures, we discovered that we have a very similar approach to music."

Released: August 7, 2018


Roberto Diana: Weissenborn

Tri Nguyen: Dan Tranh (Zither)

Nina Uzelac: Cello

Giulia Cartasegna: Violin

Recorded at Balance Studio by Andrea Saidu

Edited by Belobrk Aleksandar

Mixed and Mastered at Raighes Factory Studio by Roberto Diana

You will get a WAV (50MB) file