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A blend of original songs and deeply rooted folk tunes, completely transformed and revisited, with the aim of taking you by the hand and accompanying you on a profound wandering or exploration.

It's like travelling along the ancient streets of Sardinia on a flying carpet that allows you to capture all the nuances of the journey, to feel the joy and rhythm of the dances, but also the pain of tragedies and the sweetness of love.

A gust of emotions that leave a lasting impression, thanks to Marco's naturally melodic and distinctly traditional voice, and the Weissenborn played by Roberto, a Sardinian with musical exploration roots, ensuring a union of tradition and revolution, all delicately adorned by the classical notes of Giulia's ancient violin.

Among the original songs, "Lu Tempu" stands out, with lyrics extracted from the beautiful poetry of Don Gavino Pes (Don Baignu).

"Ispiriendi" means observing with attention, looking far and exploring with your gaze. It signifies wandering and deep exploration, like travelling along the oldest roads of Sardinia on a flying carpet, capturing all the nuances of the journey. From the joy of dances to the pain of dramas to the sweetness of love.


  • Marco Muntoni: Vocals
  • Giulia Cartasegna: Violin, Benas, Percussion, and Creative Sounds
  • Roberto Diana: Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitar, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Banjo, and Arrangements

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at:

Raighes Factory Studio - Luras (OT)


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