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Let’s Get Lost in Music

There are albums and projects that, from the very first listen, transmit that sense of epicness, that extra something capable of leaving a mark on the community and humanity. Today, I want to talk to you about two records just released under the Raighes Factory label. They are two completely different projects, but curiously, both are located on the same parallel: the 45th. And, not coincidentally, both revolve around my main instrument, the guitar.

Let’s start with the American project. James Filkins, with his album "Cranes in the Moonlight," marks a sort of rebirth. After years away from the scene, he returns with an extraordinary work that tells stories of romance, sadness, positivity, brotherhood, and observation. And those who have followed me for a long time know how fascinated I am by the way observation can transform into music. In my view, this is a record destined to grow over time, an immortal work.

From the Italian side of the 45th parallel, we have Carlo Matti, a composer, musician, and writer, a true genius. It’s hard to label him because he enters worlds, musical and otherwise, with a naturalness that is unmatched. Carlo is one of those musicians who, once known, becomes indispensable. He always surprises you with something new and surprisingly simple. "The Legend of the Guitarist Cat" is not just an album, but also the soundtrack to a book and an audiobook that have been maturing in Carlo’s mind for twenty years. I am happy that he has found the right astral alignment to start and complete this project at this time. You can already enjoy the tracks of the album, but the book and audiobook will be available next month.

So, consider this a preview. If the album is this beautiful, just imagine what this wonderful book can tell.

I just wanted to update you with one of my usual long and non-commercial posts, in a world dominated by tweets and shopping tips. I’m not telling you to buy these records and books; I’m inviting you to fall in love with them when you have the time and the desire to treat yourself to a special moment.